Contact to dispatcher office 

Please send your inquiry via this contact form or
by fax to +49 32 121 009 083

Please note

If you have received an e-mail or SMS notification from your arrival airport, your airline or their service partner that we have received your missing luggage, please wait for us to contact you. The e-mail or SMS notification ONLY means that your luggage has arrived at the airport. Depending on the airport, there are different processes and procedures to be completed, before it is possible to have the forwarded luggage delivered.

We only receive the luggage after clear identification/clarification and the completion of all customs and security formalities.  We will process the luggage as soon as possible so that we can deliver it to you. 

As the luggage may also be processed by us at another location, outside of the airport grounds, we would like to recommend that you do not attempt to come to the airport yourself to pick up the luggage before we have contacted you.

Please do not attempt to contact us yourself by telephone or by e-mail before we have informed you that your luggage has been processed and is ready to be delivered. Contacting us before we have contacted you leads to an highly increased number of telephone and e-mail communication which makes it extremely difficult for us to answer all of the contacts. 

Thank-you for your understanding.