Baggage Logistics and Handling Services in Aviation


BaggageExpress is a company specializing in the management, handling and delivery of late and misdirected luggage in Aviation.

For more than 19 years, we have provided for over 80 airlines and ground handling services, the identification, handling as well as transport and delivery of late or misdirected luggage at German airports.


Since our founding, our company has always focused on innovative and efficient solutions for the benefit of our customers and we have always been investing in the latest technologies. This is the way it was in the beginning and continues to be for us to be able to offer highly qualified professional services at competitive prices. A great strength of or company is the development of standardized and automated processes, offering our customers significant competitive advantages in global aviation.


Previously, passenger and baggage handling was normally carried out by the airlines themselves. Today, check-in, baggage drop-off processing, etc. are mainly done most likely by a third party. In the future, further standardized processes of air transportation will be done by third parties, thereby improving efficiency and customer service which will thus reduce the cost pressure of airlines in global competition. We are pushing this development forward by further developing innovative and customized solutions for our customers. Targeted outsourcing of individual service areas provides air transportation companies the opportunity, besides significant cost saving and increased efficiency, also considerably improving the customer service quality by using external providers.


Today the efficient management of logistical processes is no longer conceivable without the modern EDV systems. Our company works with our own intelligent CRM software system for the entire workflow which was especially developed for us. It has digital interfaces to the air traffic database Worldtracer as well as other digital interfaces for track & trace systems of international system logistics. In addition to a variety of scheduling, inventory management and controlling functions, our system also enables fast, direct and diversified billing between BaggageExpress its customers.